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Privacy Policy

We always reserve the rights to change this privacy policy and our terms of service without any prior notice. For you to be always aware of our current terms, you are encouraged to view the latest privacy policy whenever you visit this website. We only collect, record, store and utilize your personal information as outline below,

  1. We will only collect information, which is necessary for us, or relevant to our dealings with you
  2. We will only process your personal information including your name and contact number which relates to you in the manner stated in this policy.

However, you can still visit our website freely without concerning to provide your personal data for us.


Collection of Information

By accessing and using this website, or submitting your information, you acknowledge, agree and give your consent that all the information submitted will be collected and processed in the manner and purposes stated below:

  1. We will only request you to submit your personal information which includes your name, contact details, delivery address and credit card details (optional), when purchasing in order to process orders and provide you with customer support. You will have to agree and give consent that your information will be transferred and stored in our server if only you choose to provide them to us.
  2. We will only require your information during the ordering process. We will never sell, loan, rent or lease your personal information to third parties. Also, we will not use, share or disclose them to others, but only to provide services and customer support upon your request. The information will also be used in accordance with any law, regulation or court order, protection of our rights or any legal defence efforts.
  3. Your personal information is only accessible to our employees who need to utilize it in order to complete their job. It will only be used or shared within our corporate group for the following purposes only:
    • To deliver the products to you where your name, contact details and delivery address will be passed to any relevant third parties. It will also be used to inform and update you on the delivery details of the product.
    • To process your orders.
    • To provide you with relevant product information and for other customer support purposes
    • To verify and process financial transactions in relation to any payments you may make online.


Security of Your Personal Information

We will ensure that your personal information is safely and securely stored. We protect by maintaining our technology products to prevent any unauthorized access. We also protect by securely destroying the information when it is no longer needed by us. Again, we will never share your information with other organisations other than those related to the purposes that you have authorised. In exceptional circumstances, we are required to disclose the information when it is necessary for us to do so in order to prevent any life or health threat, or it is required by the law. We are committed to complying with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.


Changes of Policy

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time in which any changes will be published directly on our website. You are advised to check this policy every time you access our website. However, third parties may unlawfully intercept and access our transmissions, or even bypass our security measures. Hence, we do not guarantee that your personal information will always be secured, and you should not be anticipating that too.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at